Science Lab Updates

Hello Franklin Discovery Families!

Well, we have had a very busy 2017 so far.  As you know our Science Fair was April 19th.  I want to thank the FSO and all the families that helped with materials and supplies for the fair.  This event could not have been without your support.  
The kids had a wonderful time and the fair was a great success.  You should be so proud of your children!  We are looking forward to the 2017-2018 Science and STEM Fair in the Fall.

This block we are working on a variety of skills. First, since we finally have some consistently nice weather, the first and second grade classes have begun constructing our outdoor planters.  I know many of you have expressed interest in our school garden.  There is a lot of work ahead of us in this space.  Please be on the lookout for a meeting announcement regarding prepping our garden space this summer.

Third grade classes have been focusing on Earth and the Sun, as well as Forces and Motion using the Lego League materials.  These students have been constructing simple machines and examining how the machines move and make work easier.

Fourth graders have been busy learning about weather and the water cycle, as well as Utah plants and animals.  The Weather Class has successfully completed Water Cycles in a Bag, while the Utah class have made imprint fossils.

The two Fifth grade classes have been working on coding using the Scratch program from MIT. They are currently working on creating their own "code" while practicing giving explicit directions. The Electricity and Magnetism class has been exploring how magnets work.

Finally, the sixth graders are exploring extremely small objects and organisms with our new microscopes.  They have successfully completed microscope training and are currently exploring slides with a variety of specimens. 

Thank you again for all of your support!  I look forward to seeing you all in the very near future!

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