Thursday, November 30, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / December 4 - 8

STEM Rec Challenges
December 4 - 8

Smell Focus Challenge. Humans are thought to be able to distinguish a trillion unique smells. We'll learn about how our nose recognises smells, compare our sense of smell to some animal super-smellers, and then see how how many of our mystery smells the students can identify.

Engineering / Math / Art
Foxville Christmas Village. Students will design and construct their own building to be included in our FDA Christmas Village. Students will then paint and decorate their building at the art station. The village will be on display through the month of December. We are hopeful this will be an exciting and unify project for our student body.  We need parents to help in the design/construction process and the painting/decorating process. Please see sign up page on facebook. Examples as follows:

Social Studies
Great Wall of China. One of the seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is so massive it can be seen from space.  Constructed across centuries, it protected the people of China.  Can you work with kids across classes to build your own Great Wall?

Conversation Jenga.  This week students will be testing balancing skills by doing Conversation Jenga in literacy! It's Jenga but with a literacy twist, so you have to answer questions as you play!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Food Drive

Our annual food drive will take place from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15. Homerooms will be competing to see who brings the most food, with the winning homeroom receiving a special party. The deadline to bring food is 5:30 PM Dec. 15. The final count will be done on Monday the 18th and the winning homeroom will be announced as soon as everything is counted.

All the food donated will be taken to Community Action in Provo. The following items are the most needed:
  • Wet goods: condiments, peanut butter, jelly, syrup, etc. 
  • Canned meat: tuna, chicken, beef etc. 
  • Canned Fruit: Mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, etc. 
  • Soup and stew 
  • Items for kids’ nutrition packs: granola bars, natural juice boxes, raisins, peanut butter crackers, fruit and grain bars, Easy Mac, Chef Boyardee microwave meal, etc.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Littlest Reindeer

The Littlest Reindeer
A Christmas Musical will be presented by
Franklin Discovery Academy
Dec. 20th 
at 10:00 a.m. 
and at 6 p.m.
Rehearsals will be 
Dec. 18th and Dec. 19th
from 3:30 to 4:30.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

STEM1 Rec Challenges / November 27 - December

STEM Rec Challenges
November 27 - December 1

Taste Focus Challenge. We've completed our month on magnets, and this week move on to studying our senses. First up is our sense of taste. Gustatory cells allow us to experience taste, but not everyone experiences taste the same way. Students will compare their sense of taste to others and see if they might be a supertaster.

Literacy - Morgan D
Making books come to life. We will be reading selected children's books, discussing them, and then making books come to life by acting them out! The focus will be on the elements of a story.
2D Snow Globes. It is getting cold outside, so on our journey around the world we are going to Austria to learn about snow globes  and how they are made. Students will then have fun making their own 2D snow globe!

Photography Scavenger Hunt.  Students will be introduced to photography and given the opportunity to explore their creative side.
Building shapes with cubes. Students will be building shapes with cubes and learning the difference in how shapes are made up and the different ways to find their perimeters and areas by counting the cubes that make up the outside of the shape and filling in the entire shape to find the area.

Social Studies
Samurai Training. This week we head East to Feudal Japan.  We’ve seen soldiers before, but nothing quite matches up to the Samurai training.  Could you live up to the Bishido code?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Veteran's Day Rehearsal

We will be having a 
Veteran's Day rehearsal
in the gym for 
all music students (1st-6th) 
Thursday afternoon 
at 3:30 and also 
Friday morning at 7:30.

The performance will be in the gym Friday at 10:00.

STEM Rec / November 20 -21

                                                Image result   

Due to the short week, STEM Rec will not be offering challenges. We will be having a few days of crafts and games instead. Students will also be able to purchase some Christmas items with their fox dots at our "Pre-Christmas" sale.  

The STEM Rec team wishes everyone the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the happy season.  Have a memorable Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Angel Tree

The Angel Tree is now up! In addition to helping local families, the tree also includes tags for donating to refugees in Bangladesh.

Participating is easy. Just take a tag from the tree- angel tags ask that you fill out the bottom portion and return it to me- and read the information on the back. Then go shopping! Bring unwrapped gifts and donations back to the school by Dec. 15.

Donations of wrapping materials (paper, bows, ribbon, etc) are also welcome.

Applications for the tree are still available!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / November 13 -17

STEM Rec Challenges
November 13 - 17

This week’s topic is the largest magnet on earth - the planet earth! The earth’s molten iron core produces a magnetic field around the planet. Students will learn about how compasses are affected by earth’s magnetic field, the difference between magnetic north and geographic north, and then will build their own compass.

Standard: Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.

Do you love reading? Do you love relaxing? What about reading and relaxing at the same time? And pillows? If you love all of those things and more, then you'll definitely want to check out literacy this week! We're focusing entirely on reading by doing fun read alouds and having a nice, quiet and relaxing Pillow Party that we think everybody will enjoy!

We are going to be learning about the Aztecs in art this week. It'll be a lot of fun we will be talking about the importance of the sun. We will be making our own Aztec sun. We will be learning about patterns, shapes, and symmetry.

We are taking the design process a little further with user-centered design. This will be a fun game looking at the design process and thinking about needs of an Extraordinaire. You could get a cooking utensil for a knight.  It's game time in engineering.

Social Studies
This week in Social Studies, it's time to travel to America during the Revolutionary War! Would you have been a Loyalist or a Patriot? Find out for yourself what caused the war and pick a side.


In math, we will be looking at area and perimeter in our surroundings. Using rulers and other instruments,, students will be  measuring everyday items.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Music Concerts and More

 Our music classes are excited to present a Veteran’s Day Program on Nov. 17th at 10 a.m.

These same classes get to present a Christmas Musical, the last week of school in December.

Also, we’ve been asked to perform in the concert called Hope Of America this spring.  An extended block will be offered for this exciting opportunity. 

The following is a description of the courses offered this block in music:

Music Discoveries (1st and 2nd grade)  - Students will be engaged in a variety of singing activities that nurture the natural development of the singing voice. In this class, students will experience tempo through listening to and moving to slow and fast beats. Students will also explore dynamics through many different classroom activities.  This class will have the opportunity to sing in the school’s Veteran’s Day Program.   

Group Piano, Level 1 (4th-6th) – This class will sing in the school’s Veteran’s Day Program.    Additionally, students will learn how to read and play music on the piano. This class will incorporate the middle C position method along with intervallic reading. Individual practice time is a part of group piano that will require headphones.  I have headphones available that will be sanitized after each use, but if you’d like to have your own headsets please label them and they will be placed in the student practice folders.  The Dollar Tree has headsets available for $1.00 and they have $1.00 binders that also will be used in this class. 

Group Piano Level 2 (4-6th)– This is an extension of the first group piano class. Students will continue learning to play the piano through the intervallic and middle C approach. This class will also sing in the school’s Veteran’s Day Program. Individual practice time is a part of group piano that will require headphones.  I have headphones available that will be sanitized after each use, but if you’d like to have your own headsets please label them and they will be placed in the student practice folders.  The Dollar Tree has headsets available for $1.00 and they have $1.00 binders that also will be used in this class. 

A Different BeatThis class will sing in the school’s Veteran’s Day Program.    Students will experience a variety of songs and singing games, chosen to develop the voice in a healthy manner. In this class, students will be playing recorders, xylophones, ukuleles, piano, and boomwhackers.  Students will also gain an appreciation for music through movement, listening, and an in depth look at worldwide musical cultures. 

Music Moves Me - Students will learn to create their own musical style through improvising and practicing a wide variety of instruments and song literature. Students will also develop skill in balancing vocal and instrumental timbre in a group performance.  Many instruments will be played in this class including the ukulele, piano, recorders, and percussion instruments. This class will sing in the school’s Veteran’s Day Program and the Christmas Musical.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / November 6 -10

STEM Rec Challenges
November 6 - 10

Electromagnet Focus Challenge.  Continuing with our theme on magnets we'll discuss the connection between electricity and magnetism. Students will then experiment with different types electromagnets to see which work best.

Standard: Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.

Sneaky Story Makers.  We are going to be learning how to be story makers by playing a game outside where we have to sneak up on the "publisher" before he catches you!

This week on our art journey around the world, we’re doing a molas lesson. Molas are fabric appliqué folk art from Panama. The Kuna people on the San Blas Islands cut and sew these bright and colorful panels and stitch them to the front and back of their clothes. We will be using paper to create similar patterns. So be thinking about an animal you can use in your molas pattern.

We will be using the design process to create a marble maze. We will also discuss the first ever recorded maze, the “Egyptian Labyrinth”.

Social Studies
Now that you've learned about mummies, come learn all about where these mummies are laid to rest: the pyramids! How were they built? Why were they built? Join the Adventurer's Guild to see if you can find the treasure hidden deep in the pyramid tombs!

We will be playing a math game where the students will team up. Each team will take turn drawing a card from a category ranging from arithmetic to logic puzzles. The first team to answer the question gets to keep the card which equals one point.

The importance of charter schools

Have you ever thought that a public school may not be the best environment for your child that has a disability? Charter schools might be the right choice for you and your family.

The Best Education

Everyone deserves an excellent education, but not everyone can obtain one through the public educational system. Why not take the opportunities that are available to you? All children learn in a different manner. Public charter schools in Vineyard, Utah, will cater to each child’s specific needs. Your child will not be left behind due to working differently than others. Opportunities and attention will be offered to the children that they wouldn’t necessarily get in a traditional public-school setting.
At a public charter school, a child with a disability will most likely spend 13 percent more time in a regular classroom than they would in a traditional classroom. In a typical public school, a disabled child will spend most of their time in a small group, if not one on one with an educator. The benefits of inclusion in the classroom are not only felt by the child with their specific disability, but also the surrounding children. Teaching all of the children together will teach compassion, diversity, and patience.

The Charter School Advantage

Local charter schools in Vineyard, Utah, strive to create an environment that best suits each individual child’s needs. Children will not be expected to move on to the next step in the curriculum until they have understood the current topic. In an environment like this, they can work at their own pace and not be expected to keep up with their peers. Or if they need to move at an expedited pace, they will be able to do that as well. Charter schools do not need to follow the same set of rules to teach your child as a traditional public school. However, the children will still have to pass the same tests. They will just receive the information in a way that is personalized to them.

Another benefit to sending your disabled child to a public charter school in Vineyard, Utah, is that they will be loved as if you were the one there, loving them. The school system is made up of teachers, mentors, and parents who only want the best for every single child that walks through the doors. The health and safety of your child will always be the number one priority while your child is at school. 

Charter Schools vs Public Schools

Every parent wants quality education for their children, but the cost of private school is too expensive for most. Parents are offered tuition-free public schools for their children to enroll in, but the quality of education isn’t always top-notch depending on the school the child attends. According to, you can determine by the Great Schools rating, which school students are excelling in academically; the schools are graded with a 1 (being the worst performing schools) up to 10 (being the best performing schools). The ratings are calculated based on city and statewide test scores, which demonstrates that the students are either receiving excellent instructions and knowledge, or very poor instructions.

How Traditional Public Schools Work

Public school teachers tend to teach every child in one set way and at the same speed, which can be the cause of poor performance at many schools because every child does not learn the same way or at the same speed. Some students can understand and learn a particular subject a lot faster than another student in the same class; while that’s common, it’s also the downfall for the slower learning student and the overall performance for that school based on the combined test scores of all students. Public school staff would need to cater to every individual students’ needs in order to guarantee success for all students; unfortunately, that is not the case.

How Charter Schools Differ

Fortunately, parents have the option to choose any one of the top charter schools in Vineyard, UT, to enroll their children in. Charter schools are independently-operated alternatives to traditional public schools and are also tuition-free. The teachers and staff at charter schools are free to provide individual attention to each student; this means that there’s no pre-determined approach to teaching all students. Every student will learn the same material in a way that works for the child. Additionally, studies have shown that in the past 10 years, there was a 15% increase in passing (or better) test scores of students who attended a charter school.

Consider This

If you’re a parent who feels that traditional public schools are not offering your child a quality education, and private school is out of your budget, then you may want to consider searching for a good charter school in your area. Charter schools are public schools, so you will never be charged, and the enrollment process is the same as traditional public schools; if there’s an open spot at the charter school of your choice, and you submit the paperwork in a timely manner, your child will not be denied acceptance.