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STEM Challenges Sept 4th-8th

STEM Rec Challenges September 5 - 8
Science Outline: Students will use a 'fabric of space' model to understand how objects with mass warp spacetime. We’ll discuss how stable orbits form when velocity and gravity are in balance.
Standard: Students will understand that objects near Earth are pulled toward Earth by gravity.
Math Our unit on measurement continues with an Olympic Challenge!!  Students will see how far they can jump. They will measure the distance using a variety of measurement - centimeters, inches, feet, etc. Students will look at the world record for the broad jump and compare that to their jumps.
Literacy Students will be learning about adjectives through some fun hand- on sensory activities and games. Students will then create and describe their own aliens!
Social Studies Looking across the battlefield, the war seems to be over.  The enemy is gone but in they have left behind a large wooden horse. Is it a tribute? Is it a peace offering? Experience the Trojan War like …

Notes from STEM

Notes from STEM
I want to send a big thank you out to all the parents who sent in supplies from our donation list. Seriously, the parents of Franklin Discoveryl rock. You have already made such a difference. We are so grateful.
There are several other items we are looking for….. If you have toys you are getting rid of, we could use them in our Fox Dot store.  You might be surprised at how excited students get about them.   The art center is looking for old t-shirts for an upcoming service project. They are going to weave blankets from them. If you have been looking for a reason to clear out your t-shirt drawer, now is your chance!  It’s for a good cause.
Kids say the darndest things Overhead in STEM this week
(Miss Cindy is in the engineering area with several first graders playing with legos)
Student 1:  Miss Cindy, are there any lego people?
Miss Cindy: Well, if you look through the bucket you might find some.
(Quietly looking through the legos)
Miss Cindy: Hey look!! I found a lego head.
Stem Challenges August 28 - September 1
Social Studies
From the wheel to the GPS. Technology has a major impact on our lives. We have cars, computers, cellphones and much more. These items have had great impact in our lives. Learn and explore more with our fun game.
In literacy students will be attending astronaut training by walking through a training course with moon shoes.  Additionally, they will go to the pavilion for a spaceship simulation. During the simulation, students will practice counting syllables and learn how to write a haiku.  Students will create their own haiku and share it with their group in order to receive their astronaut certification.
Math Our challenge will use unifex cubes to teach the students how to estimate and then accurately measure length and height. Students will begin by estimating common items such as feet and their height. They will then use the unifex cubes to get an exact measurement.  Students will progress to more abstract estimation such as …
Blog - August 10

Hi!! My name is Cindy Trueblood and I am the STEM Rec Coordinator for Franklin Discovery Academy. I am thrilled to be apart of your child’s educational experience.  We have put together an exceptional team of educators to provide your children with enriching and engaging challenges throughout the year.  
By way of introduction, my undergraduate degree is in social sciences with a teaching certificate in secondary education. I completed my Master of Education with an ESL endorsement 5 years ago. I have many years of teaching experience including teaching at a private school in Panama, and for DODDS, the school system for military families.  I have also interned in a Montessori school. Additionally, I worked in the private sector for many years as the manager of a very successful sculpting studio.  
BUT, the most important thing I would like you to know about me is that I know how special your children are. They are our future and every student in STEM Rec will be treated …