Thursday, October 26, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / October 30 - November 3

STEM Rec Challenges
October 30 - November 3

Iron Cereal Challenge. Iron is a common metal that's used to make magnets, tools, buildings, and more. Iron is also an essential nutrient for our bodies and is added to many of the foods we eat to ensure we have enough. Students will use magnets to determine which breakfast cereal has been fortified with iron and which has not.

Standard: Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.

Have you ever wanted to interview a vampire? What about getting to know an alien? Or chatting for a little bit with The Cat in the Hat? Well this week in literacy, you can!! Students will have a chance to dress up and dive into one of 8 carefully chosen children's book characters. Using a companion book and their own creativity, students will get into character and play an interview game. Partners will then practice their summarization and comprehensive skills by introducing each other.

Our journey around the world continues as we travel to Mexico to explore a traditional Mexican holiday - Dia de los Muertos - honoring loved ones who have passed on,. Students will be making a fun, artsy version of sugar skulls. Glitter is involved so you know fun will be had by all!

Additionally, the Art Station is making a “gratitude tree” that will be placed on the wall by the library.  Students are encouraged to write what they are grateful for on leaves and display them on the tree. Parents, feel free to stop by STEM and grab a leaf for yourself to let us know what you are thankful for.

We will be producing our stop motion animation movies this week.  Some students have asked permission to bring stuffed animals, lego people, and other things for props for their movie and that is fine with Miss Anita as long as they have permission from home.

Social Studies
This week in Social Studies, we'll be traveling to Ancient Egypt to learn about mummies! Come find out what it meant to the Ancient Egyptians to be mummified and then make your own mummy!


Students will be playing a game called “Split Second”.  This is an outdoor challenge to see how fast students can run 10 meters and 20 meters.  Students will then use their time to estimate how fast they can run distances ranging from 100 meters to 1600 meters.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Makerspace Update

Dear Parents,

First I would like to give a BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU, to all who have donated to the makerspace.  Every contribution has been greatly appreciated.

The pumpkin elevators were a great success. Our students collaborated to make 37 elevators.  

Right now our makerspacer is full, but I would like to highlight some projects that are coming up and the supplies that will be needed.  Paper rolls go fast so we can always use those.

The week of November 6 - 10, students will be making their own marble maze. If every student makes one, we will make over 300 mazes. Materials needed for this endeavor are:
- pipe cleaners
- craft sticks
- box lids (from cases of paper or the short boxes from Costco)
- masking tape 
- marbles (lots of them)

The first two weeks in December, engineering will be making Foxville - a town made out of boxes (see example below). Since it will be the holiday season, students can decorate their house accordingly.  We would love to have a house from every Franklin family.  Please feel to make one at home for your student to bring to school.  Our village will be on display upstairs for all to see and enjoy.

For this activity we will need:

- thin boxes such as cereal boxes
- lots of tape
- tempera paint (lots of it)
- brushes 

Because of the space limitations we have at the school, if you could keep your contributions at home until close to the project dates, that would be greatly appreciated
Thanks again,

Miss Anita

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

'Tis the Season for Cool Weather, Hot Beverages, and Good Books

Block 2 is finally upon us, and with it comes cooler weather, fun holidays, and lots of great literacy opportunities for the Franklin Foxes. In addition to celebrating your favorite holidays and curling up with a hot beverage and a good book, check out the literacy classes that your little foxes will be taking this block.

IMHO: Beginning Opinion Writing
In this class, 1st and 2nd grade foxes will build basic writing skills while writing about the things that matter to them. Whether it be our opinions about the best Engage class or the most appropriate toppings on pizza, students will learn how to share and support their opinions in writing.

All About Me: Beginning Narrative Writing
This class, geared towards 1st and 2nd grade foxes, will build basic writing skills as they write about the the person they know best: themselves! Whether it be the thrilling tale about their first lost tooth or the heartwarming story of their favorite family outing, students will learn how to richly share their life stories in writing.

Tall Tales of the American Frontier
In this 3rd and 4th grade level class, foxes will learn about the larger-than-life stories that helped build the folklore of the American Frontier. Students will learn about the characteristics of tall tales and use that knowledge to write their own tall tales about Utah. Because of the oral storytelling tradition with tall tales, students will be reading their tales aloud as part of their final project.

Fairy Tale Twist and Shout
Based on childhood favorites and the oral storytelling tradition, this class for 3rd and 4th grade foxes will feature familiar stories with a twist. Students will learn about the characteristics of the fairy tale genre and use that knowledge to write their own twisted tales. Because of the oral storytelling tradition with fairy tales, students will be reading their tales aloud as part of their final project.

November is National Novel Writing Month and our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade foxes will have the opportunity to write their own novels. Within the Writer's Workshop framework, each writer will set and work towards their own personal novel writing goal over the course of the block.

The Bird is the Word: Morphology of the English Language
This advanced phonics class, designed for 5th and 6th grade foxes, will help build stronger readers and writers as students learn all about the words that make up our language. Students will learn phonics, spelling, and vocabulary strategies as they explore the make-up, history, and quirks of our beautiful language.

Banned Book Literary Circles
In this class, 5th and 6th grade foxes will have the opportunity to read and discuss books that have been banned or challenged throughout our country's history. They will be working in groups to read the books and learn about why they were banned. The final project for the class will require each group to lead a whole-class discussion, where they summarize their book and discuss the validity banning their book.

As always, don't forget to get your read on every day; reading for at least 20 minutes every day outside of school makes for stronger readers.


Social Studies Without War?!?

Folks, I've done it!  I've scheduled an entire block with no war!  This block, a lot of our classes will be geography-based, and we'll focus on the where of social studies.

My 1st and 2nd graders will be studying geography and creation myths in two separate classes.  In geography, we'll be studying continents and then focusing on local geography.  In creation myths, we'll look at several creation myths from around the world, and at the end of the term, students will be able to make their own creation myths.

My 3rd and 4th graders will be studying geography and explorers.  In geography, we'll start with the continents and then focus on mountains of the world.  In explorers, we'll focus on the great explorers of the world, including Columbus and Magellan, among others.  We'll end that term by becoming explorers ourselves.

My 5th and 6th graders will study geography and Enlightenment philosophy.  In geography, we'll study continents and move from there to the 5 themes of geography.  In philosophy, we'll study the Enlightenment philosophers, who set in motion the creation of the United States.  We'll study how their philosophy leads directly to the formation of our country.

Also, I'm a part of teaching two other classes.  On "A" days, I am helping to teach a novel writing class with Mrs. Kenter.  See her blog post for details on that.  While you're doing that, be sure to note that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and anyone is eligible.  See for details!  On "B" days, I am helping to teach a Wellness class called The Superhuman Project.  I'll be with Mrs. Kenter and Coach Young on that one, and Coach Young will have the details!

I look forward to this term!  I love geography, creation myths, explorers, and philosophy, and can't wait to help in other classes!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Science Rules!

Science Rules!!!

First/Second Grade:

This block students in first and second grades will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes.  In the mornings these children can choose to engage in programming kid friendly robots, learning and discovering space science, or examining different habitats and the plants and animals that live there.  Students are sure to be engaged in these fun classes.

Third/Fourth Grade:

There are several options for our third and fourth grade students this block.  First (and probably much anticipated) is the Geology class.  This has been talked about among students for several weeks as we will take this time to explore minerals, rocks, earthquakes, and volcanoes....and yes, we will be breaking open geodes!  I have added a new class to the mix called "Transportation."  This class will explore the ways people move around the world with some design and engineering sprinkled throughout.  Finally, for those who were not able to enroll last block, Amusement Park Science is back!  Students will be exploring force, motion, speed, and gravity while constructing different types of roller coasters using different materials.

Fifth/Sixth Grade:

Students in 5th and 6th grades were asked what classes they would like to see and their feedback was pretty clear.  So, back by popular demand students will have the opportunity to enroll in Star Wars Space Science this block.  We will pick up where we left off in the NASA BEST Program with our first project to construct a rover.  Students will also have the opportunity to research the "reality" of the Star Wars world (or lack thereof).  Amusement Park Science will also be back this block.  We will continue our exploration how roller coasters work and apply new knowledge to constructing coasters from different materials.  Finally, students will be tasked with constructing cars in Forces, Motion and Speed class.  At the end of the block students will race their cars!

As always, the Science Lab will take your recyclables.  If you are not sure what to donate I have a list to share as guidance.  Also, I am still in need of a volunteer to co-coach the First LEGO League teams.  If you are interested please email me at
FYI: Our competition will be Saturday, January 20, 2018 @ Albion Middle School ( more info to follow at a later date ).

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Science Lab and Franklin Discovery Academy.

Janette Gallup. M.A.S.E
Master Science and Technology Teacher.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / October 23 -27

STEM Rec Challenges
October 23 - 27

Science / Math
This week we are starting our month on magnets. Why can some metals form magnets while others can not? Students will learn about the metals that are magnetic and try magnetizing a piece of metal to form their own magnet.

Standard: Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.

Students will be using a budget to spend money. Each child will be given flashcards with money on them.. The challenge is to use the amount of money they have to spend on items they want and keep within their budget.

Fitness Relay!
This week we are going to play a game outside using straws! We are going to make as many letters or words as we can with our teams.

Social Studies
We're continuing our journey around the world.  We'll visit Mexico for the Day of the Dead and skip from Europe to the U.S. to learn about the origins of Halloween!  We're excited to show some of what we're learning during the costume parade on October 31.

Parents, please note that while some religions celebrate these holidays, we will be addressing them as cultural events and will not be discussing religious beliefs.  Just as learning about the history of various cultures is beneficial, it is also good to learn about more modern events as well.  If you have any ideas or concerns you'd like to talk about, please feel free to contact Anika Adams at

We will be working with oil pastels and tempera paint in an awesome project. We are making our own scratch art. If you've never done it before it'll be a lot of fun.


There it's a lot of talk about student engagement. Research shows that it gets students involved, helps them learn and remember, and keeps them focused. One of the new tools we have to help achieve this is stop animation which we will introduce to our students this week.  Staying with this month's  theme we will create stop animation around anti-bullying and pro kindness.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Holiday Angel Tree

FDA hosts an Angel Tree each year during November and December for those families that could use a little holiday magic. If you would like to be on the tree or know of someone that could use it, I am accepting applications now. The link to the application is here and can also be found on the counseling page of the school website. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Monday, October 16, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges / October 16 - 20

STEM Rec Challenges
October 16 - 20

Science / Math
October is National Bullying Prevention month.To promote kindness among students, science and math are joining together to offer a poster contest in which students can design posters to promote the message of bullying prevention.

Literacy / Wellness
This week in Literacy we are doing a wellness challenge. We are learning about building confidence in ourselves and others. We are going to play "rubber face" and "what makes me unique" and then write down things we like about ourselves and what we like about others!

Social Studies
Throughout time and across lands people have found reasons to celebrate.  Fall is an especially ripe time for celebrations.  This week we'll start our two week journey across the globe to learn about different cultures and their fall festivals.  This week we'll visit India and Israel for Diwali and Rosh Hashanah!

Our adventure of learning about art from around the world continues and Canada is our next stop. We will be learning about the artist Ted Harrison, how the Inuit people live and about their rock statues called inuksuit. Students can also choose to continue working on kindness rocks.

Students continue to work in teams as they build an elevator that will lift a pumpkin. On Friday the 20th we will see how all of the groups approached this challenge.


Snap Circuits will continue to be offered as a self-directed technology challenge throughout the school year.  We offer three levels of certification: Standard, Expert, and Master.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

National Bullying Prevention Month

Because October is National Bullying Prevention month, we are putting an extra emphasis on kindness this month. Students will be acting as secret agents to fulfill their secret kindness missions as many times in a week as they can. Most secret missions can be accomplished by the students themselves, however a few might require a little bit of help from an adult.

Next week, students will have the opportunity to create posters promoting kindness and anti-bullying messages. At the end of the week there will be a contest where students and staff will vote for their favorite posters. The winning posters will be displayed around the school.

Katie Barker

Friday, October 6, 2017

Stem Rec Challenges / Oct 9-11

STEM Rec Challenges
October 9 -11
Short week at school / Monday - Wednesday
Long relaxing weekend with your children! Enjoy!

We’ll have the classical cartesian diver experiment for students to explore. Can they determine which forces allow this experiment to work?

Standard: Students will understand the relationship between the force applied to an object and resulting motion of the object.

Trashketball. Students will be practicing basic math facts while trying to score points throwing a basketball in a trashcan.
This week in literacy students will be reading nursery rhymes to learn about different emotions. How are emotions described in stories? Students will act out emotions as they explore their feelings, responses and passions.  

Social Studies / Wellness
This week at the social studies table...there will be no social studies.  But it's okay!  Take a breath.  In fact, make that a slow, deep breath.  Because this week Miss Cindy is stepping in with a wellness challenge.  Join her this week and learn about the relaxing practice of yoga.

It’s autumn and time for some nature art.  This week we will be using twigs and leaves to create butterflies and dragonflies. Check the blog (previous post) for photos and information.

Students are learning to work in teams as they build an elevator that will lift a pumpkin. This challenge will continue for the next two weeks.  We started this design challenge with asking a question and imagining the solution. Now it's time to plan, create and improve. On Friday the 20th we will see how all of the groups approached this challenge.


Snap Circuits will continue to be offered as a self-directed technology challenge throughout the school year.  We offer three levels of certification: Standard, Expert, and Master.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Art Station

Art Station
Meet Miss Jenale and Miss McKenna

Miss McKenna is currently studying Anthropology and Art History at UVU. She loves painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything else having to do with art. She is also an avid reader and book collector. In her spare time she either draws, watches TV or practices her archery skills.

Miss Jenale's favorite movie is Madagascar 2.  Her favorite line is when King Julian says, "Maurice, it is more fun when you raise your arms like this" (as the plane they are in is crashing).  Her favorite holiday is Halloween. She loves to dress up and all the candy. She has a Siberian Husky. Jenale says the best way to describe her dog is the way Agnes says it in Despicable Me, "she's so fluffy I could die."  Jenale invites all parents to come and visit her at the art station in STEM.

Learning about weaving. A rug made by Franklin Discovery students.

Our Art Station masters have been doing a fantastic job of offering our students super awesome challenges.  This week students have been learning about Native American art and making dream catchers.

For the next couple of weeks students will be making nature art (see photos below).  We would like to encourage parents to take their children for a walk to collect twigs, leaves and fist sized rocks to bring  into school next week.  Thanks for your continued support.

Nature Owls and Dragon Flies / Oct 9-11

Kindness Rocks / Oct 16 - 20