Stem Rec Challenges / Oct 9-11

STEM Rec Challenges
October 9 -11
Short week at school / Monday - Wednesday
Long relaxing weekend with your children! Enjoy!

We’ll have the classical cartesian diver experiment for students to explore. Can they determine which forces allow this experiment to work?

Standard: Students will understand the relationship between the force applied to an object and resulting motion of the object.

Trashketball. Students will be practicing basic math facts while trying to score points throwing a basketball in a trashcan.
This week in literacy students will be reading nursery rhymes to learn about different emotions. How are emotions described in stories? Students will act out emotions as they explore their feelings, responses and passions.  

Social Studies / Wellness
This week at the social studies table...there will be no social studies.  But it's okay!  Take a breath.  In fact, make that a slow, deep breath.  Because this week Miss Cindy is stepping in with a wellness challenge.  Join her this week and learn about the relaxing practice of yoga.

It’s autumn and time for some nature art.  This week we will be using twigs and leaves to create butterflies and dragonflies. Check the blog (previous post) for photos and information.

Students are learning to work in teams as they build an elevator that will lift a pumpkin. This challenge will continue for the next two weeks.  We started this design challenge with asking a question and imagining the solution. Now it's time to plan, create and improve. On Friday the 20th we will see how all of the groups approached this challenge.


Snap Circuits will continue to be offered as a self-directed technology challenge throughout the school year.  We offer three levels of certification: Standard, Expert, and Master.  

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