Art Station

Art Station
Meet Miss Jenale and Miss McKenna

Miss McKenna is currently studying Anthropology and Art History at UVU. She loves painting, drawing, sculpting, and anything else having to do with art. She is also an avid reader and book collector. In her spare time she either draws, watches TV or practices her archery skills.

Miss Jenale's favorite movie is Madagascar 2.  Her favorite line is when King Julian says, "Maurice, it is more fun when you raise your arms like this" (as the plane they are in is crashing).  Her favorite holiday is Halloween. She loves to dress up and all the candy. She has a Siberian Husky. Jenale says the best way to describe her dog is the way Agnes says it in Despicable Me, "she's so fluffy I could die."  Jenale invites all parents to come and visit her at the art station in STEM.

Learning about weaving. A rug made by Franklin Discovery students.

Our Art Station masters have been doing a fantastic job of offering our students super awesome challenges.  This week students have been learning about Native American art and making dream catchers.

For the next couple of weeks students will be making nature art (see photos below).  We would like to encourage parents to take their children for a walk to collect twigs, leaves and fist sized rocks to bring  into school next week.  Thanks for your continued support.

Nature Owls and Dragon Flies / Oct 9-11

Kindness Rocks / Oct 16 - 20

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