STEM Rec Challenges / October 16 - 20

STEM Rec Challenges
October 16 - 20

Science / Math
October is National Bullying Prevention month.To promote kindness among students, science and math are joining together to offer a poster contest in which students can design posters to promote the message of bullying prevention.

Literacy / Wellness
This week in Literacy we are doing a wellness challenge. We are learning about building confidence in ourselves and others. We are going to play "rubber face" and "what makes me unique" and then write down things we like about ourselves and what we like about others!

Social Studies
Throughout time and across lands people have found reasons to celebrate.  Fall is an especially ripe time for celebrations.  This week we'll start our two week journey across the globe to learn about different cultures and their fall festivals.  This week we'll visit India and Israel for Diwali and Rosh Hashanah!

Our adventure of learning about art from around the world continues and Canada is our next stop. We will be learning about the artist Ted Harrison, how the Inuit people live and about their rock statues called inuksuit. Students can also choose to continue working on kindness rocks.

Students continue to work in teams as they build an elevator that will lift a pumpkin. On Friday the 20th we will see how all of the groups approached this challenge.


Snap Circuits will continue to be offered as a self-directed technology challenge throughout the school year.  We offer three levels of certification: Standard, Expert, and Master.  

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