Janette Gallup

Janette Gallup

Science/Technology Master/Lab Teacher

I want to live in a world with innovative schools, books that come bundled with chocolate, and a device that will take all of my lesson ideas instantly from my brain to my plan book. I am excited about my position at Franklin Discovery Academy because one of those wants is about to be fulfilled.

As an educator with more than 10 years of experience, I have effectively incorporated technology into my science curriculum. I believe children are naturally born scientists, and encourage questions and inquiry. I have found that children always have questions…lots and lots of questions.  Therefore, I love everything about teaching science. I have successfully funded several grants and projects that have allowed me to bring laptops, tablets, and other fun gadgets into my classrooms for students to explore. I earned my Master of Arts in Science Education degree from Western Governors University in 2011. In 2005, I earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree from Northern Illinois University.

When I'm not teaching, and planning what to teach next, I'm am kept busy by my son and daughter, ages six and nine, respectively. Together we cook (aka make delicious messes), travel to new places (whenever possible), and spend time exploring books and nature.

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