STEM Rec / Jan 22 - 26

STEM Rec Challenges
January 22-26, 2018

What is matter?  Our new unit for this month is about matter. We’ll talk about the difference between atoms, elements, and molecules. We'll also discuss how molecules behave when they are in a solid, liquid, or a gas.

Look at the evidence.  Oh no! Miss Morgan and Miss Rhylee need your help! A crime has been committed in the Literacy Reading Corner!!! Using your best detective, problem solving and reasoning skills can you figure out what happened? Who did it? And why? We need your help to solve this case!

Objective: Students will practice making inferences and using them to draw conclusions.

Social Studies
Civil War. North vs. South. Neighbor vs. neighbor. Brother vs. brother. Come to Social Studies and learn about the Civil War--the who, the what, and the why.  Will you survive?

Power Up the Potato.  Now that our research is finished, we are ready to make vegetable and fruit batteries. Students will be measuring several fruits and vegetables to see which one registers higher on the meter. We'll start with a hypothesis, make observations, and then gather data to obtain a conclusion.

Superheroes to the Rescue. How do you get children interested in math?  By involving superheroes of course. Students will be playing a superhero card game where they power up by adding numbers together fast to beat the super villains. The objective is to do the math as efficiently as possible while memorizing math facts.

Origami Anyone? The art station will be stopping in Japan this week where students will discussing the fine art of origami. There will be a variety of projects for everyone. S

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