STEM Rec Challenges January 28 - February 1, 2019

STEM Rec Challenges
January 28 - February 1, 2019

Shout out to a couple of awesome parents at Franklin Discovery.

 Deirdre Davis, thank you for purchasing materials for STEM.  Remember, any $10 purchase is counted as one volunteer hour.  Tiffany Rogers & Alicia Hawks, thank you for leading after school clubs. After school clubs in STEM run from 3:15 - 4:00. Clubs change every term so the commitment would be about 6 weeks.  As a parent you could work with a small group of students to teach them a new skill or craft.  We would especially love to have some STEM related clubs. Some of the past clubs we have offered are: drama, dance, chess, science, art, ASL, snap circuits, coding and sports to name a few. What are your talents? Come and share them with the children.

Social Studies
All That Jazz! Students will explore the origins and evolution of jazz and how it has influenced our culture.  They will then play a rousing game of musical chairs using jazz music!

Population genetics. Over generations organisms can become extremely well-adapted to their environments. Students will learn about how natural selection and survival of the fittest allow populations to adapt to changes and new challenges that arise in their environment.

Chemical Change Kool-Aid Volcano. Students in the afternoon (1:00 & 1:45) will be making kool aid volcanos. Students will pour a packet of kool aid and a mystery substance (baking soda) to a cup of water. When they do this, a chemical reaction will take place and the new substance will overflow like a volcano. Afterwards, we will will talk about chemical reactions.

Coding Unit.  Students loved coding so much we will continue this week on, a programmed designed to teach students how to code.

Valentine Decorations. Students will be making decorations for the Valentine's dance on February 8. It will be super fun. Hope to see you there!

Writing Wrap-Up.  The last couple of months students have learned about different elements of writing. This week students will put all the information they've learned -  parts of speech, punctuation, and practice producing complete sentences by playing a silly game using Ms. Morgan and Ms. Rhylee's baby pictures.

Walk the Plank.  Students will be”Measurement Pirates”!  They will learn the basics of how to measure and what we use to measure (inches, centimeters etc...) If they get the measurements right, they will win the treasure. If they get it wrong, they walk the plank.

Music Monday
Handbells.  Playing handbells is a great way to foster the development of strong rhythmic skills, physical coordination, and listening skills. It's also an effective way to teach the basics of music-reading (direction, reading lines and spaces) and provide young children with an active way to play and make music together.

Wellness Thursday
Yoga. Yoga cultivates competencies in mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and physical fitness which leads to improvements in students’ behavior, mental state, health, and performance. Plus, yoga is super fun.

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