STEM Rec Challenges February 4 - 8, 2019

STEM Rec Challenges
February 4 - 8, 2019

Yarn Needed
 Students have started crocheting in STEM and we are in need of yarn.  If you have any extra, please consider donating it to the school.

This week STEM is traveling to China to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Year of the Pig. The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. Students will learn about the different animals that represent each year. This is the year of the pig and in art we will be drawing one.

Social Studies
The Lion Dance is a form of traditional Chinese dance performed on joyous festivals, such as Chinese New Year. Students will learn the history behind this dance and other Chinese folklore.

Chinese Checkers - Game of the Month. Chinese checkers is a simple, entertaining game that is both mentally challenging and easy to learn. The star-shaped board consists of a 61-hole central hexagon and six 10-hole equilateral triangles that extend outward from each side. Known as bases, the six triangle areas serve as the starting point for each player's pieces, and each one is typically a different color. Students will love learning this traditional childhood game.

The Great Animal Race.  Literacy will be introducing students to the story of the Chinese Zodiac, The Great Animal Race. They will discover their own Zodiac animal and then create their own fortune cookies based on the qualities they learned from the animals.

DNA isolation. We'll be performing a lab this week at the science table. Students will have the chance to isolate the DNA from a strawberry! What do you expect DNA will look like?

Prodigy.  Prodigy is a role-playing math game using a Pokemon-style wizardry theme. Students are placed at a individualized math level and progress from there.

Music Monday
Rhythm. Rhythm is all around us. It’s not just the beat of music. Rhythm can be seen, heard and felt during our daily experience.  Rhythm activities engage children in sensing concepts of order, organization and discipline.  Plus, making music together is fun.

Wellness Thursday
Team building Games. Team-building activities provide kids with situational tools that they need to recognize those around them and interact with others in a meaningful way.  They are also a fun way to teach students cooperation. We will be starting out by untangling the human knot!

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