Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Learning and Fun...in Science!

Hi All,

  This block we are doing so many fun and interesting activities in Science!

  Two cooking classes are in fun effect.  They have made popsicles and pudding pops.  This week we are planning our next creation...pancakes!  Next week we will be baking bread and making homemade butter.  The next couple of weeks are looking very tasty!

  There are also three classes in progress preparing first through third graders for next year's First Lego League team.  They have begun learning about simple machines.  This week, the challenge is to create a pulley system that can lift a "basket" of pennies as high as the construction will allow.

  In addition, there are several groups of students learning about plants and gardening.  One class in particular is learning about the plants and animals of Utah.  They will be dissecting owl pellets in the coming weeks.  The students have begun planting a variety of seeds.  In the next weeks your kiddos will be bringing home a seedling that can be transplanted in May, just in time for Mother's Day.

  Finally, there is one electricity class in progress.  These students have begun circuit construction and will be testing on various insulators and conductors.  They will be beginning their first project next week.  The final project requires shoe boxes or similar sized boxes and cardboard.  Every student will need at least one box, so if you have any extras lying around, please send them our way! Thank you.

  If you ever need to reach me, please do not hesitate!


Ms. Gallup