Friday, March 24, 2017

STEM Rec Challenges - March 22 - 29

STEM Rec Challenges - March 22 - 29 

Math - Double Digits (math game)

Why - To practice place value and estimations skills

Both skill and chance play important roles in this game. Dice rolls make it difficult to use a consistent winning strategy.  However, an intuitive understanding of probability, or what usually happens, will allow children to find a strategy that will be successful more often than not.  Development of estimation skills will increase a child's chances for success in other areas of mathematics

Science - Dissolving Ink

Question: Can you make permanent ink dissolve?

The experiment - Color a coffee filter with permanent markers.  Use a solvent (rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and water) to see the the colors change (or don't!).

Social Studies - This is Me Map Book 

Why - To practice spatial thinking.  Spatial skills are what allow us to picture the locations of objects, their shapes, their relation to each other and the paths they take as they move.  Maps help children visualize where objects, places, cities, and countries are in relation to one another.  Quite literally, maps help them figure out their place in the world. 

Literacy - Compound Words

Why - To help children understand what a compound word is and practice identifying and dividing compound words.

Art - Drawing characters using shapes