STEM Rec Challenges / April 9 - 13

STEM Rec Challenges
April 9 - 13

Resources. In preparation for Earth day April 22, our next unit will be focused on conservation of our most critical resources on planet Earth. This week we'll discuss what a resource is, why it is essential to guard these resources, and ways to conserve.

🎉Drum roll please…..Presenting Franklin Discovery's first ever Spelling Bee! Welcome to a two week long spelling party.  Over the next few weeks, literacy will be offering spelling games and practice for students who want to improve their spelling skills. Different challenges will be offered every day to assist students in the practice of their words.

Students who wish to participate will sign up April 9th. The actual spelling bee will be held on Friday, April 20th during STEM. All students who take part will get a participation award, but the last one standing will receive a grand prize!

Collage Art. Students will be learning about some really fascinating collage artists who are from Europe including Michelle Reader, Ptolemy Elrington and a few others. Student will then use pre-existing recycled material (once destined for landfill) to create their own piece of art.

Irrigation Systems. Students will be researching and constructing a water system for the Franklin Garden.

Social Studies
King Arthur.  Swords in rocks. An aquatic lady handing out kingship. It's a wild ride through the tale of King Arthur and his rise to power as the King of Camelot.

Math Bingo. This fun game will allow student to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while filling out their bingo card. And, the winner gets a prize!!

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