STEM Rec Challenges / March 5 - 9, 2018

STEM Rec Challenges
March 5-9, 2018

The World Around Us. For our final microscope week students will be making their own slides by scavenging for specimens from our STEMrec area and garden. What do everyday objects look like when magnified 400 times?

Pictionary. Get your drawing skills ready! In literacy our focus will be on people, places and things. Or in other words, we're talking about nouns and we will be playing a fun version of Pictionary to practice our knowledge of this important concept.

Social Studies
Welcome to the OSS.  Since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we need more secret agents.  We'll be working with MI5 to train you.  Maybe you can help us stop the war.

Technology & Math
Coding.  Math and technology are teaming up to teach our students coding. The younger grades will be learning “LightBot”,  a puzzle game based on coding. This game secretly teaches students programming logic as they play. The older grades will be using Raspberry Pi computers and learning python programming.

Students will be leaving the beautiful savannas of Africa and traveling to Egypt where they will explore some beautiful, complex, and multicolored mosaics from this ancient culture. They will then design and make their own mosaic.  

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