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Please note: We have extended the deadline until Monday, April 30. Currently we only have 4 students signed up.
We need at least 10 students or we will cancel the event and try again next year.
. Franklin Discovery Academy
Entrepreneur’s Market 2018

Dear Franklin Discovery Family,
We have a new and exciting opportunity for Franklin Families. On Monday evening, May 7th, FDA will host its first annual “Entrepreneur’s Market”.  This is an opportunity for your student(s) to learn about setting goals, deepen their understanding of financial and business concepts, inspire creativity, improve communication, and foster leadership.   
Students who choose to participate could work alone, with siblings, or team up with classmates to come up with a product they can sell at the fair.  The night of the fair they will sell their product to delighted Franklin Families who come out to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.
Things for consideration when picking a product to sell…..
  • Student interest.
  • Who is your customer?
  • What products are they interested in?
  • How much will it cost to make the product? (Cost of goods)
  • How will you advertise / display your product?
  • How will you determine the selling price?
  • What will your profit be?
We would like to encourage the art of giving back by donating a certain amount (or all) of the proceeds back to the school in order to purchase a chosen item (students have requested more swings). And remember, all donations to the school can be taken as a tax write-off.
We hope you will consider participating. We think this project is an excellent opportunity to engage with your children in interesting and educational ways.
If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and return it to the school by Friday, April 27.  Any questions, contact Cindy at
Cindy Trueblood & the STEM Rec Team

Franklin Discovery Academy
Entrepreneur’s Market 2018


Due April 27

Name  ____________________________________________________________________
Grade  ____________________________________________________________________
Mentoring Teacher  __________________________________________________________
Product to be sold   __________________________________________________________
Number of units to be produced  ________________________________________________

Selling price per item  ________________________________________________________

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