STEM Rec Challenges / April 16 -20

STEM Rec Challenges
April 16 - 20

We will be celebrating planet Earth this week in preparation for Earth Day!

Soil & Compost. This week at the science table we will be discussing one of our most precious resources on Earth: soil. We will talk about why soil is important and learn about composting as a method to safeguard this resource.

Spelling Bee!  Students will continue to offer spelling games and practice with a few extra earth related words added in. The spelling bee will be held this Friday, April 20th during STEM. Parents are welcome to come and watch. All students who take part will get a participation award, but the last one standing will receive a grand prize!

Art  & Engineering
Pollution affects our lives.  Engineering is teaming up with art this week to make bird feeders.  But don’t think this is all, they will also engage the students on a serious discussion about pollution and how it affects our world environment, especially in Utah Valley.

Social Studies
Recycling Relay. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - three great ways we can eliminate waste and protect the environment! Students will discuss the waste we create and how to carefully management it to make sure it does not harm our environment and our health. And of course, we will make it super fun by having them sort recyclables in a relay.

The earth is lava. The earth is lava is a game in which players imagine the ground is made of lava and thus have to avoid touching the ground or they might get burned!  Lots of fresh air and sunshine for all the students who participate.

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