STEM Rec Challenges August 27 - 31, 2018

STEM Rec Challenges
 August 27 - 31, 2018

Social Studies
Exploring West
After the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark led The Corps of Discovery on an expedition into the great unsettled west. Students will learn about these brave explores and conduct their own expedition into the play structure.

Hot Air Balloons
Math will focus on principles of strategy as students play the hot air balloon game. Players cut ropes and the person to cut the last rope wins a free ride!

Plate Tectonics
Earth's crust is divided into sections called tectonic plates. These plates slowly drift changing the landscape as they move. We'll learn about the different types of faults that form between plates and the formations that result. We'll also address the ring of fire and earthquakes.

Engineering and Technology
More Snap Circuits
Week two of snap circuits! Students who have not had a chance to start may start, students who have already started working can continue where they are.

When we think of art sometimes we think of art as a thing to look at. Many artists spend their time trying to create art to capture more than just one of your senses. In art this week we will be talking about texture and how texture can affect the way we see and feel about things around us.

Introduction to Literacy
Students will be introduced to what literacy is and how they will use it throughout their lives. We will read a story, give an examples of ways they can use their literacy skills and work together to create a bucket list!

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