STEM Rec Challenges October 1-5

STEM Rec Challenges
October 1-5

The Art Station is trying to round up volunteers who know how to decorate cakes. Are there any talented parents out there who would be willing to volunteer a bit of time and energy assisting the art station with this activity? They are hoping to present “cake decorating” as an art challenge around the first of December.  If you are interested in helping, please email Jenale at


Paul Klee - Castle and Sun

Art will be discussing a famous artist by the name of Paul Klee who is known for his unique and creative style. Students will be using shapes and paint to make castles reminiscent of his style.

Game of the Month is UNO! Come learn all the rules of UNO and play with your friends at literacy this week.

Social Studies
We learn about cultures from almost every era of time-but how do we know what life was like back then? Let's head to MesoAmerica and practice some archaeology skills!

Plant circulation
Plants, specifically trees, are the tallest organisms on earth. Redwood trees are some of the tallest reaching heights over 300ft. How do trees get water to their top without a beating heart? Students will be conducting an experiment to discover the answer.

Math, Engineering & Technology

Balloon Cars

Math will be teaming up with Engineering and Technology for the month of October to build cars powered solely by air. Students will learn the scientific principles behind the “balloon-powered car” then design, build and race their cars. It will be fun and informative.

Wellness Challenge Thursday
The outdoor game we will focus on this month is called Crocodiles and Kangaroos - a fast paced tag game with a twist.

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