STEM Challenges September 24-28

STEM Challenges
September 24-28 

Plants are autotrophs which means they are able to make their own food. Plants combine energy from sunlight with carbon dioxide in the air to produce sugar in a process called photosynthesis. We're going to learn the basics of photosynthesis and talk about the pigment that makes it possible: chlorophyll.

Build Geometric Shapes
Students will learn the names of geometric shapes and become familiar with what they look like. They will be given a set of cards (2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes) to build using toothpicks and marshmallows.

Characters and setting in stories
This week we are talking about characters and settings. How are they different? How do they contribute to a story’s tone and mood? We need some students with strong imaginations to come and create their own characters for a story by playing a fun game. Be careful though, there is a twist!

Native American Shields
In art this week we will be talking about Native American Shields. A Shield was an honored object that the Warriors carried into battle. We will be decorating our own paper Shields with some awesome Native American designs.

Social Studies
Mischievous Tricksters
Stepping into Native American mythology, we'll learn about a trickster.  We'll see what trouble he caused and come up with our own stories when we consider the question: "What mischief would he cause if he came to Franklin"?

Engineering and Technology
Getting Creative
Students will use recycled products from the makerspace to build a marble maze.

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