October 8-12

Social Studies
California Gold Rush!
This week we will be learning about the California Gold Rush! Students will study how gold was found and why people went west in search of it. They will also learn the process of how they pan for gold. They will get to try panning for gold themselves.

Bubble Lettering
In art this week we will be looking at making names with either bubble letters or 3D letters, and shading. It should be fun as we learn a new way of lettering on paper.

Literacy this week is looking for people with eyes, ears, noses, hands and mouths because we’re talking about our senses! We’ll be practicing and doing some exercises with some mystery boxes and playing a game! Come if you dare!

Plant life cycles and seeds
This week we'll be talking about plant life cycles. The role flowers play (or don't play), the role of seeds, and plants' ability to clone themselves.

Math, Engineering & Technology
Balloon Cars, Group 2
Math will be teaming up with Engineering and Technology for the month of October to build cars powered solely by air. Students will learn the scientific principles behind the “balloon-powered car” then design, build and race their cars. It will be fun and informative. 

Wellness Thursday Reminder: As it is getting colder please encourage children to wear layers and proper shoes for going outside. This month’s wellness activity is Kangaroos and Crocodiles. 

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