STEM Rec Challenges
November 5-9, 2018

Social Studies
Game of the Month - Battleship
Battleship is played on ruled grids on which each players fleet of ships are marked. The locations of the fleets are concealed from the other player. Players alternate turns calling "shots" at the other player's ships, and the objective of the game is to destroy the opposing player's fleet.

Engineering & Technology
Bridge Unit
Engineering is starting a unit on bridges. This week students will be learning about different types of bridges: arch, beam, beam, cable-stayed, suspension, and truss.  We’ll also have a matching game where they match the types of bridges to the picture.

Pictionary - Literacy Style
Is there a way to play pictionary and also practice good handwriting at the same time? There sure is and literacy this week is planning on doing exactly that! Come practice not only your drawing skills but also your printing skills in this fun version of pictionary!

Art Mashups
Students will be creating pieces of art combining elements from two or more sources -- “mashup” style. So warm up your pencils and head on over to the art station.

Breathe Easy
The lungs and respiratory system allow oxygen in the air to be taken into the body, while also enabling the body to get rid of carbon dioxide in the air breathed out. Students will learn about the functions of the lungs and how the body uses oxygen to keep us alive. 

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, one needs to use a combination of logic and trial-and-error. The standard version of Sudoku consists of a 9×9 square grid containing 81 cells. The grid is subdivided into nine 3×3 blocks. Some of the 81 cells are filled in with numbers from the set {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}. These filled-in cells are called givens. The goal is to fill in the whole grid using the nine digits so that each row, each column, and each block contains each number exactly once. This challenge improves your thinking process and the concentration of the mind.

Wellness Thursday
Steal the Bacon
This is  a tag-based game. The mission is to steal the bacon, but watch out or else your enemy might steal it instead! The goal is to be the first person to grab the “bacon” from the middle and run back to your line untagged.

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