STEM Rec Challenges January 2 - 4, 2019

STEM Rec Challenges
January 2 - 4, 2019

Marie Sklodowska Curie.  We'll wrap up our unit on the Nobel prize by talking about one of its most successful laureates. In the past 118 years that the Nobel prize has been awarded just over 600 individuals have won a Nobel prize in the sciences (Physics, Chemistry, or Physiology and Medicine). And only one person has ever won a Nobel prize in BOTH Physics and Chemistry. Arguably one of the most hard working and successful scientists in recent history, this week we will learn about the life and discoveries of Marie Curie.

Happy Dreamer. Literacy will be discussing dreaming big and then setting goals to help us accomplish our dreams. The lesson will be focused around the book "Happy Dreamer" written by Peter H. Reynolds.

Social Studies
New Year Traditions. How do other cultures celebrate the start of a new year?  Students will explore traditions from around the world and then make their own 2019 glasses!

LEGO challenge. Students will first follow set instructions to build an animal then have the freedom to build an animal -- real or make believe -- on their own.

Prodigy.  Prodigy is a role-playing math game using a Pokemon-style wizardry theme. Students are placed at a individualized math level and progress from there. 

Sewing. With a New Year comes new challenges and new beginnings. At the art station this week, students will be practicing the art of sewing.  For some students this will be a new skill and for others, it may be a skill they renew.  But for everyone it will be a challenge!

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