STEM Rec Challenges / Feb 12 - 16

STEM Rec Challenges
February 12 - 16, 2018

Hot Air. For the culmination of our unit on matter and molecules students will use what they've learned about kinetic energy, molecules, temperature, and thermal expansion to build and launch hot air balloons. We're hoping for some good cold weather to help them fly!

Chinese New Year. Have you heard of the Legend of the Chinese New Year? Do you know what your Chinese animal is? Come find out in literacy this week! We will act out the Chinese legend and find out what it means to have a "red envelope"!

Bringing people together through music. Students will be spending time being introduced to the new apps on the Kindles which explore the world of music and sounds.

Build a Ball Launcher for a Chance to Win $1,000.  In this fun engineering challenge students will be using limited materials to build a simple ball launcher.  Who knows, they might find themselves at the top of the 2018 Fluor Engineering Challenge scoreboard where they could win one of ten $1,000 prizes from Fluor for our school!

Back to the Basics. Students will use basic arithmetic skills to solve math problems and discover what picture is hidden on their worksheet.  

Dragons on Parade. In art, students are going to celebrate Chinese New Year.  They will be discussing  the ultimate symbol of “Good Fortune”.... the dragon. Come by and celebrate with us.

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