STEM Rec Challenges / February 5 - 9

STEM Rec Challenges
February 5 - 9, 2018

Matter expands. When an object's temperature increases its molecules vibrate more and spread out. In other words: matter expands with heat (usually). Students will experiment with making gases and solids expand or contact at different temperatures.

Mission Impossible: This week in literacy, students are going to need all the help they can get with a top secret mission! We're focusing on handwriting and calligraphy skills. Students will practice their best writing in hopes of completing their mission.

Social Studies
Jim Crow Laws. In honor of Black History Month, social studies is starting a series of challenges about the American Civil Rights Movement.  This week we'll learn about Jim Crow laws and how those laws would impact kids at the time.

Snap Circuits. The first week of every month, Miss Anita will be available to help students progress with their snap circuit challenges.  

Build a shape. Students will be learning about all types of polygons and the different characteristics that they have. They will learn the difference between concave vs convex, regular vs irregular etc. To finish the challenge, each student will draw shapes using what they learned and name the shape.


Clementine Hunter. Since February is Black History Month we are going to be learning about an artist named Clementine Hunter, a folk painter often referred to as the black Grandma Moses. Students will be painting and using chalk to complete their own folk paintings.

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