Winter Writing Wonderland!

It finally looks and feels like winter in Utah! Along with the new snow, comes a new block full of new literacy skills for the foxes to explore. Continuing with the last block's trend, we will be doing writing in the literacy classes. This block we will focus on opinion-based writing, with each grade group focusing on a specific type of opinion writing. In addition growing our writing skills, we will be working on building writing communities. These communities, which are built by the students for the students, will provide an environment for everyone to learn, grow, and take risks as writers. This part of the classes continues from last block where we focused on establishing rules and routines for Writer's Workshop.

1/2 Opinion Writing 1
The Tiny Writers will be tackling basic opinion writing skills in this class. Students will be able to learn the basics of expressing their opinion in writing, including introducing their opinion in a creative way, supporting their opinion with reasons and facts, and providing appropriate closure in their writing. In addition to mastering 1st and 2nd grade opinion writing skills, students will begin to learn how to develop their reasons with details, making for stronger reasoning and richer writing.

3/4 Persuasive Writing 1
The Medium-Sized Writers will be learning how to write persuasively. Persuasive writing is an exciting genre that combines opinions with facts to create emotionally poignant pieces that aim to change the reader's mind. Our passionate 3rd and 4th grade students will enjoy the opportunity to make the case for why their favorites really are the best of the best. In addition to learning how to express themselves in writing, students will learn about how to effectively support their opinion with developed ideas and proper formatting.

5/6 Argumentative Writing 1
The Tall Writers will be focusing on argumentative writing. This class will draw on the skills that students learned in informational writing last block, since argumentative writing is informational writing with opinions! In this class students will have the opportunity to learn about several real-world topics that relate to them, such as wearing school uniforms, playing video games, and having homework. Armed with information from all sides of the issue, students will defend the side they agree with most in their writing. They will be using well-developed, credible facts and details to support their opinions and continue working to develop their formal writing voices.

With all those opinions and reasons flying around like snowflakes, it's truly going to be a winter writing wonderland this block in literacy! And no wonderland is complete without reading, so don't forget to get your read on for 20 minutes every day!


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