STEM Rec Challenges / Feb 26 - March 2

STEM Rec Challenges
February 26 - March 2, 2018

Microbes. We are surrounded by microscopic life. It lives on us, it lives in us, and we couldn't live without it. This week we are using microscopes to look at some different types of microscopic life called amoeba that can be found in streams or ponds.

Verb Dance Party. This week we are going to learn about different verbs and play a version of "charades"! Then we will have a dance party :)

Social Studies
World War II Escape  Room. We will be discovering the facts of what was happening in Europe during World War II. Meanwhile we will also be racing the clock as we try to solve puzzles and escape.  

Snap Circuits. Students will continue working through the 300+ challenges at our snap circuit station. And, thanks to a generous donation from a Franklin Discovery Family, we have been able to acquire several add-on kits! Students can earn the privilege of using the the add-on kits when they have completed 100 lessons.

Balancing Equations. How do addition/subtraction and multiplication/division correlate with each other?  Students will be solving math problems and checking their answers using a contrasting mathematical problem.

Paul Goldstein. The African Savanna is a beautiful place especially during sunset.  Students will learn about the amazing photography of Paul Goldstein.  The challenge will be to paint what  what they see!

“A knowledgeable and sensitive approach will always generate better pictures. The very best wildlife images are often the result of immense patience but also a spiritual understanding of the subject.”  -- Paul Goldstein

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