STEM Rec Challenges / May 29 - June 1

Schools Out for Summer!!
(Except for students coming in June, of course)

STEM Rec Challenges
May 29 - June 1

Our hearts are full of gratitude and love for the students at Franklin Discovery Academy. It has been such an amazing journey this year. Before school started, our STEM Team authored a mission statement that governed our interaction with your children. It reads like this:

Why do we exist?
To ignite a passion for learning
How do we behave?
We love, support and challenge our students
What do we do?
We create a rich, engaging and positive learning community
How do we succeed?
We believe in our students

From the STEM Team to all of our wonderful parents, we thank you for entrusting your amazing children into our care. We wish you a delightful summer full of great memories with your family.  

Our last week in STEM Rec will be filled with fun activities…...memory books, board games, penny bridges, and sponge volleyball to name a few.  

See you next year!

Cindy and the STEM Team

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