STEM Rec Challenges / May 7 - 11

STEM Rec Challenges
May 7 - 11

A few reminders:

Franklin Discovery Academy’s first ever Entrepreneurial Market is this Monday, May 7th from 6:00 - 7:30.  Bring the family and support our budding entrepreneurs as they sell their wares.  We have everything from bath fizzies to vinyl fox cutouts. Many students will be donating a portion of their profits to the school.

Volunteer Hours Available. Meet Ben Nilson. He was been in STEM the last few days helping out and the students have LOVED it.  We called him “Mr. Ben” but his son called him “Mr. My Dad”. If you would like to teach a lesson or provide a challenge for our students, we welcome you. If you don’t want to prepare anything but would just like to stop by and lend an extra hand, please do. Your children will be thrilled.

STEM Rec Challenges

Music Challenge. To help students learn the notes of the grand staff, we will be heading outside and playing a game on a large chalk staff. The students will have to place themselves on the chalk staff in the position of the note.

Water use. How much water do you use in a day? It may be more than you realize. Americans use about 100 gallons each day but during times of extreme drought people are forced to use much less. What would you do if you only had 7 gallons of water to use each day?

Lego Contest. Thank you to the Billings Family for providing our second lego contest. The theme is “Outer Space” which means the possibilities are endless: spaceships, aliens, robots, space stations, rockets, satellites, and rovers to name a few. Students can win prizes in the following categories: Star of the Show, Cosmic Comic, and Stellar Imagination. Happy creating!
Painting Pottery Party. Last week students designed a small pot out of clay inspired by ancient Greek pottery. This week they will finish their masterpieces by painting them.

Parts of Speech Mix Up. Students will be reviewing all they have learned throughout the year about verbs, adjectives and nouns and playing a fun drawing game!
Dissecting a Computer Part Duex. This challenge was so popular, we are bringing it back.  The computer does its primary work in a part of the machine we never see. This week in technology students will tearing a computer apart to look at the insides.  

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