STEM Rec Challenges / May 21 - 25

STEM Rec Challenges
May 21 - 25

School is out Monday, May 28. See you on Tuesday!!

Energy Sources. This week at the science table we’ll be discussing different energy sources that humans use to power their cities. How do fossil fuels compare to nuclear power and renewable clean energy? Are some sources of energy truly superior to others? We’ll then go outside to experiment with solar energy first hand. Students will use lenses to focus the sun and try using a solar oven.

Sudoku. Students will play the popular Japanese puzzle game based on the logical placement of numbers. The goal of sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3×3 section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. Playing sudoku can improvement concentration and overall brain power.

MadLib Mania. Do you think you know your adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns? Well come outside with us and put your knowledge to the test! We will be playing a fun game outside where you will have to run away from the monster by going to the correct base! After the game, we will have fun with some hilarious MadLibs!

Design Process.  Students will learn the way to approach a large project is to break it down into manageable chunks. Architects, engineers, scientists, and other thinkers use the design process to solve a variety of problems. It’s where it all begins.

Social Studies
Welcome to Asgard!  Midgardians!  No need to wait for Valhalla, you can meet the Asgardian gods now.  In fact, did you ever wonder what you would do if you lived on Asgard?  Come for an introduction to the gods and take a personality test to find out who you could have been, had you been born an Asgardian.

Edvard Munch. Students will be discussing artist Edvard Munch and really looking at his painting called The Scream, an icon of modern art. It has been call the Mona Lisa of our time. Students will make their own painting using mixed media to create a really fun version of his painting.

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